Semester 2 Project: Part 4

Check out my info graphic I made on maintaining a healthy diet!


I plan on using this activity to improve my current health status in the specific ways of keeping the habit of consuming healthy foods and finding time to exercise proper amounts. Like mentioned in the quick tips on staying healthy, avoiding the bad foods are always a good idea. However, everyone knows how hard it is to celebrate an occasion with a nice slice of cake or enjoying a warm chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk every now and then. The point I was trying to get across was to eat everything in moderation- it is perfectly normal to eat these foods once and  a while, but completely cutting yourself from it could make it even harder because it will remind you how much you want it, and can result in binging, or eating excessive amounts of food at one time. According to Mayoclinic, Binge Eating Disorder can arise from prolonged amounts of fasting. Focusing on having a diet of healthy foods and having that as the majority, there will not be any reason for it to not be healthy to enjoy these foods every now and then. Staying active is also something very important to stay healthy. Simply eating right without being active is the same as being active and having a poor diet. These two actions work hand in hand to maintain a stable and healthy being. Although these are just a few simple tips to keep in mind, there are hundreds of other ways to stay in shape and stay healthy!

When looking over the information I worked on this past semester, I learned a lot about caloric intake and how to stay healthy based off of what I eat. When doing the food log, I was extremely sick with the flu and didn’t eat much. Keeping in mind that I didn’t eat the proper amount of calories or percents of carbs, fats and proteins, this actually helped me learn a lot in figuring out what i was missing and how much I have to consume to stay healthy. My average percent of fat, protein, and carbs over those three days were only at a low 25, 15, and 59 percent, not to mention that my caloric intake was under 2,000. After doing the calculations, I realized how sick I was and how much nutrients and carb loads that I was missing. It is very important to put your health first and keep in mind the hazards of what might happen from under eating or over eating. Maintaining a healthy nutrition is one of the best places to start!