Fad Diet Analysis

I decided to focus on the Cambridge diet. This diet is specifically popular in the UK, where my grandmother is originally from. She decided to try this diet out years ago, and she always talks about how terrible of an idea it was. According to its website on the Cambridge Weight Plan, The nutritional adequacy facts are first, that the diet ranges from around 440-1500 calories a day. This is 500-1500 calories below the daily amount. The diet is combined with minerals and vitamins, as well as fatty acids to provide the right amount of nutrients. The diet tries to imitate the weight loss of one starving herself, while still providing enough protein to protect tissue. This is a very unhealthy way of losing weight because of the whole “starvation” outlook.

When looking and studying this diet in relation to myself, it is not an ideal diet for me because I like to enjoy food and do not want to put my body into any starvation mode. Living with a liver disorder that affects me everyday by what I eat and what I do, it just makes me realize how much a diet like this could seriously hurt me.

The diet is only forty six pounds a week, which is only about 65 US dollars. Other than eating the meals like a “weight watchers” kind of deal, it doesn’t take any other time. There are no special foods or restrictions involved. They have a variety of foods from pastas, rice, porridge, and smoothies. However, it seems as if one on this diet can barely eat enough to enjoy it.

In my opinion, I really don’t believe in diets unless someone medically is advised to follow one. There are many serious health problems that people forgo by excessive weight loss and trying so hard to drop a couple pounds, that later turns to even more. I believe it is important to just know your limits, indulge yourself in a nice dessert every now and then, and live a healthy diet and drink lots of water! Doing this will keep you healthy and happy!


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Here’s a picture of a list I made for one to follow before choosing to do an excessive diet. Enjoy!