Class Blog Cameo 5/20

This week was our final week of Sports Med block 7. We got together as a class for our last time together and presented our semester two projects that finished up on our discussions and investigations on a proper diet and nutrition. Our projects had to be engaging (powerpoint, iMovie, Prezi, etc.) to the audience to discuss a “flaw” from either a fad diet that we chose to investigate several weeks ago, or own our own diets ourselves. It was very interesting to learn about the different types of diets and what can be dangerous that seem “normal” and an “easy” way to lose weight. In all, our class learned a lot about staying safe and eating properly in order to maintain an intense diet. Under eating and lack of proper nutrients were the most talked about in the projects, and seemed to be some of the most common mistakes made when trying out an excessive diet.

After presentations we all brought in food for a potluck and discussed the year and the good times we have had! Thank you Mrs. Kahn for everything you have done for us! 🙂



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