Digestive System and Immunity 

The digestive and immune system work together constantly. The digestive system breaks down large molecules, and consists of the mouth to the anus. The immune system has very important antibodies and other components to help fight invading organisms. According to livestrong.com, the digestive system depends on many of the immune responses the body forgoes. For example, the lysosomes in saliva breaks down bacteria. According to nutrihealth, every person is born with innate immunity. This is the response to foreign substances right away. Besides breaking down food, the digestive system over time actually really helps the immune system and it is important to keep that in mind!
Many athletes fall ill and worn down from excessive work and overdoing it. Nature.com mentions how overtraining is very common with athletes and can be severely dangerous to an athlete. If one does not slow down on the excessive amounts of training, it could turn into overtraining syndrome. After the shift to having this, a person can over go excessive fatigue, changes in mood, or even frequent illness. This could lead to losing the chance to play their sport or be able to exercise at all. In order to prevent this, it is important to be monitored by his/her coach and to know their limits. 

There are several ways an athlete can stay healthy and illness-free. Maintaining a healthy diet, having frequent checkups with the Doctor, and getting enough sleep are just a few of the easy steps! 

“How can I stay healthy and maintain a stable workout method?” One may ask. Well, I created a graphic with the easy steps to follow for those who want to stay healthy while being an active athlete! 


One thought on “Digestive System and Immunity 

  1. Katherine Warner

    Tiffany, I so enjoyed reading about your perspective on health and wellness and immune system! Thanks for sharing a part of your own journey and I know you’ll make a great nurse someday 🙂

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