Heart Disease Prevention

Hi everyone! There are millions of different heartbreaking diseases and outbreaks that one could catch in this world. However, Heart Disease is a major killer. According to CDC.gov, about 610,000 people die each year from this disease. That is roughly 1 in every 4 deaths. Keeping in mind that Heart Disease is the number one leading cause for death of women in America, our class has come together into small groups to create brainstorms and ideas for possible prevention of this leading-death disease. The terrifying truth of the amount of fatalities due to this unfortunate disease proves there must be some sort of a boost of aim to fix this.

This is where our class came into play. The assignment given to us is strictly that in our groups, we must use all of our creative ideas to figure out what things could help rid Heart Disease. I love how hands on this project is and how it really gets us to think, and use our own input to make a difference in the world. My group specifically found that cholesterol, something that is regularly checked by all of us at our typical doctors offices, is a major leading issue if something goes wrong to prevent heart disease. The “something” that could go wrong in this case is an excessive amount in the blood. This leads to the clogging of arteries due to the buildup of too much cholesterol. Also known as atherosclerosis, this sad truth is a form of heart disease.

After more research with my group, according to the American Heart Association, we realized that LDL leads to artery clogging, while HDL is very beneficial to the arteries since it clears the excessive cholesterol. This led us to believe that if we were able to create a drink that helped rid the LDL and build up more amounts of HDL, this would be a small, but a beneficial way to prevent heart disease.

The juice created was made up of all sorts of fruits and berries (blueberries, bananas, apples, orange juice), as well as a fiber boost and some canola oil. The reason why we chose so much fiber is that it works in wondrous ways. According to WebMD, it not only potentially lowers cholesterol, but does many other beneficial acts to the human body and immune system. The berries and orange juice simply have antioxidants which help lower the bad (LDL) and higher the good (HDL).

After creating the juice, we tested it out on some classmates and teachers. Out of thirty tests, 24 said they enjoyed it. Only six tests did not enjoy the drink, but the results were great!

Although this is just a simple idea, it could be very beneficial to decreasing the impact of heart disease on women in America! If this juice idea became a bigger idea, it could possibly be shared to local juice and smoothie cafes such as Jamba Juice! If there was a way to make this idea a worldwide phenomenon, I guarantee there would be a major decrease in heart disease with women in America.

here’s another image of a fellow classmate testing out my group’s juice! 🙂