Don’t you love going to your favorite football team’s games? Or soccer games? All of us have probably at least seen artificial turf in our own experiences. Almost all of those games are on turf fields. It looks like normal grass fields, but recently this new type of field has been used on more than 11,000 fields in the United States. Half of the NFL also plays their games on this artificial field.
There are plenty of pros to turf fields and great reasons why this has become so popular. For example, not only is it low maintenance, a turf field does not need to be watered, which can save up to a million gallons of water in only a year. Also, it does not have to be mowed which saves time for maintenance, and these fields are also safer because of the turf being slip proof for athletes.
However, turf fields can be dangerous since they are noted to have possible harmful chemicals such as arsenic, acetone, lead and mercury. All of these can cause problems in the nervous system, such as confusion and dizziness. Many recent studies have tried to concern us with the dangers of these recent findings in these turf fields.
I personally think that we should be more aware and protective of the people using these fields, and we should find a way to make sure every field is safe to use, but there are also plenty of benefits to these fields to not forget. As long as the fields are safe, I don’t see why these fields wouldn’t be an innovative modern way of not only saving water, time and money, but also the environment by its way of using recycled tires and other resources to create the turf!
Here is a little info graph I made based on turf fields and contrasting the pros and cons!
Here is a little info graph I made based on turf fields and contrasting the pros and cons!


What can we do about it? Great question! I was thinking there must be a way to help. This is why I think we should find ways to raise money to fund new advancements to find a permanent cure and end to save lives and prevent the spread of Polio.

Talk to your local school, community, neighborhood, clubs, or sports teams to see what you guys can do to help! Even a simple fundraiser could help.

here’s a little ad I created that you can share with your friends to help spread awareness of the issue!


Diffusion RACE

Last week, our class got into groups of three and worked on a Diffusion RACE lab. Our class was told to fill glucose into a dialysis tube with a beaker of water. We soaked the dialysis tube in the beaker for several minutes and waited to see if there was a diffusion of glucose. To figure that out, we used the glucose test strips, which changed color based on the glucose amount in the water. Our group used 8 mL water and 2 mL of glucose. We hypothesized that the more liquid we used, the less glucose would be needed. Here are some photos of our investigation.

Here is a picture of my classmate Krystal about to put the Dialysis tube into the beaker of water!
Here is a picture of my classmate Krystal about to put the Dialysis tube into the beaker of water!
Here is a picture of my group's final test strip!
Here is a picture of my group’s final test strip!

Class Blog Cameo

This week, we focused mostly on our job shadowing and taking the unit 2 exam. Many of us are very eager to shadow someone related to sports medicine. The professions vary from nurses, doctors, physical therapists, personal trainers, and more. We had lots of time to think about who to shadow, and how to find that person. Many girls found their person through internships, family members, or simply picking up a phone and calling a stranger. Fellow classmate Krystal Masis is eager to figure out what her future job could be and said, “I am looking forward to shadowing someone who has a career that I may be interested in one day.” Krystal and I are shadowing the same personal trainer, Monica Ehlers. Another classmate Olivia Geronimo is also interviewing a personal trainer, and she describes her hopes of her interview as, “I’m so excited about learning about what a personal trainer does, fitness and eating healthy!” Olivia is excited about learning about not only fitness, but how to get the body into shape by eating healthy and figuring out what foods to cut out and focus on. Besides this, the class finished up unit two and took the unit two exam. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 3.44.45 PM
This is a little picture I made about the potential occupation. Although the little guy looks confused this is a great way for us to express ourselves and figure out what our calling is to do in life!