About me

My name is Tiffany Ehlers! I am currently a senior at Notre Dame High School. I like to hike, spend time with my friends, babysit and volunteer at the hospital. I am taking Sports Medicine because I want to be a nurse one day and I think this class seems very interesting and like a lot of fun! I expect to learn many new things I never expected to learn before and I hope to make new friends while collaborating in this class! I hope this experience will prepare me for nursing school and my future job, as well as general life lessons. I think the most challenging thing will be keeping up with the work load and projects, but it should definitely be worth it! 🙂

More about me

This is a picture of my sister and me from her graduation! She goes to Sonoma State now. We are very close since we are only 18 months apart!

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Tiffany,

    I think it is really cool that you want to pursue a career in nursing. What got you interested in wanting to become a nurse? It is also really cool that you volunteer at a hospital. I’ve never volunteered at one before but many people in my family have.

    I’m excited to work on projects together throughout the year


  2. Dear Tiffany,

    I enjoyed your about me page and learning more about you! It is great that you are already pursuing your interest in nursing through your volunteer work. How often are you at the hospital? Do you know what kind of nursing you would like to specialize in? The pictures you included made your prezi very engaging. Has anyone ever told you your friend looks like your twin?!

    I’m looking forward to your future posts and thoughts!
    Mrs. Kahn


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